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Our goal of helping people become “future-proof” is accomplished through the use of the   Preneurology™ methodology.


We use experience based learning to train four different types of entrepreneurial mindsets; Innerpreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Interpreneurship, and Intrapreneurship.


By learning these four mindsets, people are able to become self-sufficient and effectively future proof.


Here’s brief overview of each mindset:


  • Innerpreneurship - someone who is talented, such as an artist, creating value, without any significant structure (what you already have)

  • Entrepreneurship - creating an organization, bringing a group of people together to build an idea

  • Interpreneurship - working for a company and creating value with their talents and skills.

  • Intrapreneurship - using entrepreneurship skills to take a leadership role within the constraints of a company or organization

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