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About  Us

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Preneurology Global is a social enterprise helping people, especially those who are underserved, reach their full potential through entrepreneurship, innovation and economic empowerment for the future of work. For over 10 years, we have worked with organizations, educational institutions, corporations and government agencies to build and support emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems. We offer transformational education, immersive training, consulting and advisory services designed to shift mindsets, create an organic culture of innovation, and foster economic mobility and equity for all.

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We also curate special events, initiatives and programs for a variety of audiences throughout the year including our signature "CEO of My Life Youth IncYOUbator," a pipeline entrepreneurial leadership and innovation program for youth ages 7-17 to prepare them for the future of work. Our Youth IncYOUbator is held at the top innovative University Campuses across the United States, including Stanford and Columbia University. Our adult IncYOUbator is held at some of the top incubators, accelerators and innovation spaces in the world.


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Preneurology, Global has a longstanding collaborative relationship with Georgia Institute of Technology to provide entrepreneurial mindset training for youth K-12, and minority entrepreneurs in emerging ecosystems around the world. We also have relationships with several other top universities and organizations for similar work. Our economic development and entrepreneur support programs are held around the world. 

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