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Our Team

We are a team of passionate innovators, active entrepreneurs, design thinkers and change agents that unlock the potential of the human experience. We have a team of over 30 Certified PRENEURology Facilitation Coaches (PFC's) Globally. Each of our Global Locations has a PRENEURology Team of Core PFC's, Local Site Directors and a Regional Director.


We believe in the power of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology to transform lives and society.

Meet The Founder

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LeKiesha M. French
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LeKiesha M. French is the Founder of CEO of My Life, PRENEURology, Global and the "Preneurology Methodology. She is a certified business, executive leadership and success coach.


A passionate change-maker, Le'Kiesha has a background in psychology, business, design thinking, education, program and economic development. She believes in the power of design, entrepreneurship and technology to bridge communities and drive personal and societal change.

Dedicated to disruptive innovation, LeKiesha is also a speaker,  consultant, wife and proud mother of two. 

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