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Our History and Culture

We are a Global Social Enterprise, founded in 2014. PRENEURology, GLobal connects our peers, but especially those underrepresented, with resources, skills and support needed to realize innate talents and pursue dreams.


We fulfill this mission through our unique, innovative and  evidence-based methodology, "PRENEURology" which is infused into curated live and/or digital experiences, such as "The IncYOUbator".


We’re all born entrepreneurs. Everyone can benefit from learning about the entrepreneur mindset. At PRENEURology, we’re obsessed with the power of human-centered entrepreneurship to transform lives and our society. We believe in the power of diversity to drive innovation, as well as, foster new ideas. We believe that innovation springs from many different perspectives working on the same problems.


Our goal is to be more than a business - we are a movement investing in people to build human capital that shifts culture and drives change across sectors. We’re proud to be a catalyst for social change, with at least 60% of our participants either being underserved, or underrepresented, our contribution shows, whether we're  working with them directly or through the organizations that serve them. 

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