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It’s never too late to share your talents, reinvent your career or develop you own personal brand. That’s why we’ve adopted our core experiential program for the adult who is looking to build a new business idea or embark a new career path. During the 1-2 day immersive live experience, adult students learn entrepreneurial principles and skills needed to thrive in an accelerated global economy and the Future of Work. 


After completing the Future of Work Accelerator, participants have the opportunity to enroll in our IncYOUbator, where they’ll work one on one with PRENEURology Facilitation Coaches (PFC's) through a 4-6 week hybrid course to get their ideas and new careers off the ground, culminating in a live pitch experience. This course combines Preneurology principles with real world connections and industry exposure. Our participants say this experience is truly transformative.


A  1-3 day curated experience to start up innovation.


Using design-thinking principles from the Stanford D. School, we teach 21st-century such as collaboration, adaptability, workplace etiquette for millennials, and other typical soft skills that help new hires when transitioning from college students to the professional environment. The program works for startups, small businesses, nonprofits, and corporations who are looking to improve on-boarding or provide innovation training for employees. It is a bootcamp introduction to PRENEURology and the CEO of My Life mindset.

Customized sets of workshops are available depending on the needs of the company.

IncYOUbator for ORGanizations

IncYOUbator for Organizations is a 2-3 day curated professional development training experience. It's an immersive and transformational experience that removes employees from the work environment,to get them out of the building and engaged with one another in an innovative environment. When they come back, they are certified innovation agents capable of contributing to the culture shift to innovation within the organization.

Future Accelerator EDU

We believe in the power of innovation & entrepreneurship to transform student’s lives through their traditional educational settings. Future Accelerator EDU is a curated 1-3 day training experience designed to focus on empowering educators to use Innovation and PRENEURology, to engage and prepare their students for the Future of Work and beyond. Educators get to work in a immersive innovation environment and experience personal mindset transformation while building a toolbox to become agents of innovation in the classroom and beyond.



The IncyoubatorEDU is a year round incubator for educators that pairs the educators with companies and startups. Educators help the company solve a problem and experience working in the innovations economy.  This gives them a clearer view of what is required of their students for the current and emerging fields. They come back to their schools as innovation agents able to transform their classroom and prepare their students. Not just for the industrial economy, but for anything.

Start Up Edupreneur 

The Edupreneur Program is for aspiring education entrepreneurs looking to launch a company (for profit, social enterprise and nonprofit) in the educational field. They learn how to build a business model for their idea using lean methodology and Preneurology™ as well as design thinking. They leave with a viable business model and get to pitch to our ecosystem, including investors.

Start Up 360 for Educators

The Start Up 360° Curriculum supplements traditional education with the disruptive principles of design thinking. It teaches students to create value with what they have, utilizing innate talents to instill self-confidence and social change. Teachers have the power to share  life lessons and prepare students for a world of rapid evolution.

PRENEURology Global provides a 1-2 day experience certification for educators to use the Start Up 360° curriculum plus add on digital workshops and ongoing coaching support to empower teachers to transform the classroom and energize students for the Future of Work.


If you or your organization would like to discuss how we can help you transform your life, career or organizational culture, contact us at:

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