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Start Up Innovation Academy

The Start Up Innovation Academy is a unique summer experience that brings students together to focus on building the soft skills of life while challenging them to think creatively and solve real problems.

Designed for 6-12th graders, the 2-week immersive live experience is held at participating universities, where students learn the entrepreneurial principles they’ll need to thrive in an accelerated global economy and rapidly evolving economic landscape.

Students work with various corporations and business leaders on scaling and perfecting their proposed business models. At the end of the summer experience, top participants are chosen to participate in subsequent "IncYOUbator" sessions.


Students will continue to build on their projects from the summer experience, and continue to cultivate their intrinsic entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial spirit.

Explore Our Youth Programs

Start Up 360°

Start Up 360° is offered online. It introduces students to holistic development through entrepreneurship.

The curriculum focuses on 6 key areas:


  1. Creativity & Innovation

  2. Communication & Collaboration

  3. STEM Knowledge & Skills

  4. Analytic Problem Solving

  5. Global Competency

  6. Critical Thinking

The Youth IncYOUbator

Graduates of Start Up Innovation Academy have the opportunity to move onto the Youth IncYOUbator, an experience that fosters innovation and cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset in young adults to help them prepare for a career or start their own business.



Students may stay in the incubator as long as they like, it runs year round starting in the summer. The IncYOUbator uses the Play, Passion and Purpose Model of Harvard educator Tony Wagner, author of “Creating Innovators.” Students in the IncYOUbator start off at an orientation, and can choose one of two tracks based on their interests.


These are the Entrepreneurship Track and the Career or Intrapreneurship Track.

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